Thinking Tomorrow

In an evolving marketplace, how might an organization continually expect future opportunities & threats within its structure?

After it’s recent acquistion by the Hager Group, Winco Design studio turned it’s attention to continuously monitoring future trends & opportunities for the entire company. The goal was to develop a structure within the organisation that produces deliverables informing and inspiring decision making at every level and every cycle.

Deliverables include an animation, report, and an internal data collection proposal. While the animation is structured to organize overarching company dependancies against upcoming trends, the report is a more nuanced approach toward actionability. Leveraging information and insight from employees, the data collection structure proposes methods to learn from their unique reach and understanding.


This is a singular interactive experience, outlining Hager as a company, its dependencies, and how future trends may affect the company. It is an overview of several sectors and time-lines and can be used for top level scrutiny or consumer exhibits.

The report takes animation forward, into a more detailed and relevant deliverable. It can be produced separately for each user, depending on department, collaboration opportunities and inspiration intent. It is ideal for discussions translating into actionable results. Report contains Dependancy Map, Trends Review, Change Maps, Domain Map & Scenarios.

Data Collection

A structure for data collection for the animation and report was proposed. It included gathering data from operators and experts within and external to the company, thus balancing ground reality and cost.