Small Business Journey

As disparate teams across large organizations communicate with the same users, how might they build a coherent communication strategy?

Project Goal 

A global logistics company was uncertain of the best way to leverage various internal Small Business (SMB) research initiatives leading to disparate teamwork. It was looking for a universal definition of SMB users through archetypes and a journey that would help transform digital communication across various touchpoints.

Researching the client

Our primary intent was to capture  current user understanding across various teams at the company. In trying to understand how teams worked alongside one another, we mapped user journey segments being focused on, and documented current communication practices, user profiles, and marketed products.

Identifying deliverables

Even as the overarching idea was to produce user archetypes and a journey, the breakdown of specific characteristics was unresolved, and developed along the length of the project. Through co-creation and iteration, we learned of the specific user aspects needed by distinct teams.

Understanding SMB owners

Diving deep into existing research at the company, we developed an understanding of the range of SMBs of interest to the company. Synthesizing various initatives while understanding their use by internal teams, we developed two sets of characteristics needed to find and understand these users.

Identifying Archetypes

Researching the client, we learned that findability of users was key, which depended on quantifiable factors around business size, age, supply chain, production, and so on. But having these does not fully help with understanding distinct user needs. So we evolved a new framework that captured behavioral attitudes of SMB owners in relation to their intent, goals, desires and experience.

SMB Journey

Mapping an overarching journey for all user archetypes, we defined the key stages that trigger specific activities and needs. SMBs struggle with distinct issues depending on the stage, and identifying their current situation would help in marketing relevant products and services.

SMB Defining Moments

We mapped heightened moments of user need along the SMB journey, helping our client teams focus on specific times that users are looking for help. Using quotes, stories and references to previous research initiatives, we helped our client understand the users’ state of mind, needs, and the opportunity.

SMB Touchpoints & case studies

Further developing nuanced information about users, we defined various touchpoints to communicate with each archetype along their defining moments. We strengthened the clients’ understanding with a future scenario and relevant case studies.